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At Love Healthy, we are passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that we are all individuals who need to be approached as a whole – body, mind and heart - looking not only at nutrition, but also exercise and rest (sleep and stress management). The vision is embedded in the concept to “love yourself healthy”. Meal plans are formulated on an individual basis to ensure a healthy eating plan tailor made to your unique needs, diseases, lifestyle and budget. We believe in empowering people to make wise, educated choices with regards to their lifestyle and thus influencing healthy generations

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Sharon Brent

As a registered dietitian and counsellor, Sharon completed her B.Sc. Dietetics Honours degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1996. She is registered with HPCSA, ADSA and and CDE (Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology) and is on the Discovery Vitality Network. She is Optifast trained and holds a diploma in Sport Nutrition, Gut Health and has completed the Foundation Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professional, through the CDE Academy. She has many years experience in Private Practice and in the Pharmaceutical, Sales and Marketing Industry and is HACCP trained in Food safety and Food Service Industry. Sharon also offers Nutrigenomics (individualized nutrition according to your genetics).