What we do

Individual Sessions

The first appointment is an hour long.  Anthropometric measurements like weight, height, body fat, visceral fat etc is recorded. Your medical history and any recent blood results will be considered.  We will have a chat concerning your diet history and your lifestyle.  There will be educational input, lots of discussion and practical goal setting with basic meal plan included. Elaborate meal plans and menus are optional extras.  These are drawn up with your input and based on your individual needs and requirements.

Options with a Difference:

  • Walk and Talk sessions – instead of a sit down follow up appointment – we do it in our takkies, on the move!
  • Shopping Tours to help you learn about reading labels and making wise choices.

Follow up

There is normally a follow up visit of 30 minutes within 2-3 weeks to ensure you are on track and progressing nicely.  Thereafter monthly check-ups as needed.

corporate wellness

Tailored to suit corporate client’s needs, we offer a variety of services – with focus on the employee and the company – from redesign of the canteen menu, HACCAP audits, staff training in therapeutic menus and food safety. We offer workshops, training sessions and individual health coaching sessions to employee’s to enrich health and increase productivity.

Education & Training

We offer workshops, lectures, training, education and motivational talks to individuals, groups, support groups, school groups and interest groups. 


Lifestyle Diseases

High Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Inflammation and Renal

Weight Management & Obesity

Emotional eating, Depression, Weight control, Bariatric surgery, Thyroid and Insulin resistance

Sport Nutrition

Athletes, Endurance, Training and Performance

Gut Health & Women's Health

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Healthy Microbiome, Anti- inflammatory, Food Intolerances and Menopause, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Cancer, Nutrigenomics